Financial security is a social determinant of health and inequality has shortened the lives of all Americans.

        Keep it simple.  Make it easy. Reduce the hassle.
                                                        Use social math to explain the problem and the solution.
             Focus on reducing the major cost components.
          Set the entry bar as low as possible.
     Lower the entry barriers, e.g. reduced secured card security deposit.
                                           Create beneficial choice architecture.
Make the best choice the default and present it as the norm.
Nudges and text reminders help.
Fintech tends to be millennials designing products for millennials who are "temporarily" poor. 
                                    Design processes with as few steps as possible.
Automate processes as much as possible so people can "set and forget."
Gamify and incentivize.
Go for the low hanging fruit​ first.
Convenience is king to the comsumer.

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